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The Exam Essay Questions

December 14, 2011

1. Camera technology affects the way photographs are created and used by individuals and culture. Discuss the ways wet plate, dry plate, roll film and digital technology have changed the functions of photography.

2. How has more access to sexualized images via the internet affected cultural attitudes towards sex? Name an artist who works with this subject and discuss how his/her work is shaped by the internet.

3. How does digital photography and/or the internet and change the way we experience photographs of war or conflict? Give specific examples.

 4. The internet provides unprecedented access to images: historical as well as contemporary, vernacular as well as professional. Discuss the possibilities for creation and expression these images provide. Also discuss the challenges and dangers of using images created by others. Specific examples will strengthen your answer.

5. Discuss the effects of virtually infinite reproducibility inherent in digital creation and dissemination. How does this change the ways in which photography functions? What does this make possible? What are the drawbacks and pitfalls?  How does this relate to other historical shifts in how we communicate?




Info for Final

December 1, 2011

Final Review


Notes for Tuesday December 6 Final Exam:

  • Don’t Be Late
  • No electronics in class–texting and/or opening lap top will result in an automatic fail for the test.
  • Bring a pen or pencil to class
  • There will be a handout of extra-credit blog questions don’t forget to pick it up


The exam will cover 4 basic areas:

  • Technical camera operations
  • Photo history
  • Conceptual questions (like the blog questions–addressing issues raised in class and via the blog)
  • Artists we have studied



Study Tips:

Read Digital Photography and know your camera

Review all other readings even if we didn’t discuss them in class. (McLuhan, Benjamin and various articles posted on the blog and listed in the links on blog questions).

Go over lecture notes on the history of photography. Understand major moments and their conceptual and historical importance.

Go over all your blog questions and answers and consider the ideas we have covered in class. Also consider you own responses to them.

Create a list of the artists we have covered in this class, include visiting artists and artists suggested on handouts.












Major Topics Covered in This Class


  • Basic Photography and Camera Operation
  • Appropriation
  • Sequencing
  • The Saturation of Photography in Every-Day Lives
  • War Photography
  • News Photography
  • Children and photography
  • Family Photography
  • Pornography
  • Self-publishing and print to order
  • The Internet as a means of distribution and sharing of photo-based art
  • Finding good art and ideas on the internet
  • Photo Search Engines
  • The internet and its problems
  • The internet and its amazing potential
  • Public Art
  • Your own creative process
  • You own workflow
  • Making pictures and meaning
  • Technophobia/Technophila



Remember the Four Guest Lectures:


            Mike McCloud (counts as an artist)

            Stephen Marc (counts as an artist)

            Andy Adams

            Kirstin Van Cleef





List for yourself (in your groups if we have time) artists whose work we have covered. Be prepared to write something engaging and analytical about their work.  You will be asked to discuss 2-3 artists of your choosing.






The Quiz Revisited

November 30, 2011

Here is the quiz in the form of a PDF. We will go over the correct answers on Thursday.


The Big Scary Quiz

Public Art Presentation details

November 29, 2011

• As a group you are to prepare a 5-7 minute presentation to the entire class outlining your Public Art Proposal.
• Choose one group member to go on stage and conduct the presentation.
• Each group must have their presentation in PDF format ready before class on the day you are scheduled to show.
• One person from your group must come with a PDF 10 minutes before class to load it onto the computer.
• You must also hand in a hard copy of the Proposal. (All Group Proposals are due on November 29th–regardless of your presentation date)

Public Art Presentation Schedule

November 29, 2011

Group Presentation schedule
November 29th
Group 11: 9:05
Group 2: 9:15
Group 3: 9: 25
Group 10: 9:35
Group 7: 9:45
Group 8: 9:55
Group 10:05

December 1
Group 5: 9:05
Group 6: 9:15
Group 4: 9:25
Group 9: 9:35

Course Evaluations

November 29, 2011

A reminder to fill out the course evaluations which are now done electronically through CourseEval.
It appears rather painless and will help make the class better and stronger for the future. Of course I invite you to comment to me directly about the course as well.

Read This!

November 23, 2011